TRSW Join In The Dance   (Ginger)
TRSW Morgans  
TRSW Join In The Dance or Ginger has been a powerhouse of a filly
from day one.  She is a big, bold tom-girl, who none the less, loves
people and seems to crave their attention.  We expect big things from
this filly based on the attributes she received from both her sire and her
dam.  Her formal training began in 2010 and she was very agreeable
to all her training, both riding and driving.  We see lots of possible
avenues for Ginger to pursue in the future.  
TRSW Join In The Dance on her birthday,
May 29th, 2007
Ginger in 2007, half in and half out of her foal coat.
Ginger in 2010, early in her cart training
Ginger in 2010, in her saddle training
Ginger was reliable enough as a 3 year old
driving horse that even Susan could drive her!