TRSW Morgans
TRSW Her Royal Highness (raf)  or Lizzie
TRSW Her Royal Highness (raf)  Equinox Attache X Illustra Enchant    Born 05/26/2009
2:35 am
Illustra Enchant (Lillie) delivered an exquisite bay filly with 3 white socks
and a small crescent star.  Susan got to witness the birth which was a
miracle, yet totally normal.   Mom & baby are both doing well.   

We're calling the baby "Lizzie" after the Queens Elizabeth I & II, as she
seemed so regal when first born and Lillie & Lizzie go together well.

Watch here for updates.

Inquiries will be invited on this foal.
Little Queen Lizzie, just a couple of hours old.
Lizzie on her first trip outside with Mamma, May, 2009.
Lizzie as a weanling, November 2009.
To see an action video of Lizzie, click on the link below: