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We first got our mini stallion, Tiddlewinks,  to be our teasing stallion.  
Because he did such a good job of teasing and because Terry felt empathy
for him being "always the best man and never the groom" we decided to get
Winky a "wife".  That turned out to be Lucy.  Lucy is a sweetheart  who gets
along with all the horses in the pasture.  She particularly befriends the foals
in the herd.  They play with her as if she is their baby doll and she certainly is
a baby doll in terms of personality.  One thing about Lucy, however.  She
hates to be caught for any reason.  Once you have her, she is perfectly well
mannered, but she will ply any and all tricks necessary to keep human
hands off of her halter.  
Lucy says, "I'm not FAT, I'm FLUFFY!"
Lucy suffers from the pony's curse, Cushings syndrome,
but she doesn't let it get her down.
We lost our Lucy to colic on Sunday, July 26, 2009.  Rest easy, Miss Lucy.  We will
sorely miss your sweet presence in the pasture, as will all your herd mates.   You
won't ever have to be caught again, if you don't want to be, sweet Lucy, although
we hope you will willingly walk right up to us when we meet again.