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Lillie & her hours old 2007 foal, Chance
TRSW Fond Memories as a yearling
(still in her winter woolly coat)
TRSW Velvet Brown as a yearling
(also just starting to shed out in the spring)
TRSW Morgans
The Mares & Fillies of TRSWMorgans
Lexus & her 2007 filly's (Ginger) first day
Ginger with 1/2 her foal coat shed
Equinox Suzy-Q getting ready to leave Vermont for
Some of our mares & fillies having a romp on an early spring day.
There is an old saying that goes, "The rooster may crow, but it's the hen that delivers the goods!"  We
feel that while stallions usually get all the glory, it is the mares that make a breeding program great.  
We also feel that TRSW Morgans has some exceptional individuals making up our broodmare band,
giving our breeding program a wonderful foundation.
Jezebel being a clown for the camera.
Vicki practicing her head set.
Lizzie on her first day, May 2009.