Equinox Suzy-Q   (Suzy-Q)
TRSW Morgans  
TRSW acquired Equinox Suzy-Q from Ivan Beatty at East of
Equinox farm in 2007.  Equinox Suzy-Q is a dramatically dark
colored youngster.  She has tons of natural motion that
seems to be magnified when her 4 matching white socks get
to flashing.  She is also a kind and intelligent horse.  What a
and Jennifer Beatty for this quality filly!  
Ivan Beatty putting Suzy-Q  through her paces when
we first met her on his farm in Vermont.
She may not walk on water but she certainly floats over the snow!
Suzy-Q in the winter of 2008, waiting for the grass to
grow and her winter coat to shed out!