TRSW  Velvet Brown  (Velvet)
TRSW Morgans  
TRSW Velvet Brown (left) with TRSW Fond Memories (right) as
yearlings.   Don't be fooled because Velvet looks to be the smaller -
she is standing slightly down hill.
Velvet as a wild and wooly yearling, demonstrating how she is
going to wear the bridle.
Velvet at liberty in the round pen as a three-year-old.
TRSW Velvet Brown is a cross between CKH Lexus and the
eastern park winning stallion, White Rock's Caliopy.  Velvet
definitely inherited her mother's size and sweet disposition and
her father's fire and way of going.  In 2008, she made her show
ring debuts in both saddle and harness, doing  whatever we
asked her to do.  In 2009, we continued to show her in both
disciplines.  In fact, she took care of Susan in a couple of
pleasure driving classes as Susan made her long-awaited return
to the show ring.  Velvet has improved with each class that she
has entered and is a willing participant.  this filly is a sweetheart
that one can't help but love and fuss over!  She definitely has that
loving personality for which Morgans are so famous.
Some of Velvet's photo proofs from
the 2009 Gold Cup.
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