Please tour the farm and take a look at our
registered Morgan horses.  We are very proud of
them and hope you like them too!
TRSW Morgans is a small horse breeding
operation with young stock and show prospects
for sale.  Terry Rutledge also takes in a limited
number of training horses from time to time.

Just as the Morgan horse is "the little horse who
thinks he's a big horse
", we feel that TRSW
Morgans may be small but we are capable of
making a
BIG impact!  
Our Goals at TRSW Morgans
Our Breeding Goals Are:

    To perpetuate the Serenity bloodlines by breeding them to the best the rest of the breed
has to offer.     

    To breed horses with natural action who can compete at the highest levels of

    To balance such qualities as intelligence, biddability and personality with beauty and
show horse action.

Our Training Goals Are:  

    To give each horse the best possible start and to make sure they always enjoy their work.

    To maximize each horse's potential and to choose a discipline for them that matches
their capabilities.
Welcome to TRSW Morgans at Someday Farm
TRSW  Morgans
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TRSW Morgans
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