Hopefoal The Freeze   (Buddy)
TRSW Morgans  
This blurry image is a copy from the sales
catalog, showing Buddy as a weanling.
Terry getting Buddy to show off his long, fine neck!
Buddy comin' at ya! (as a rambunctious yearling)
In March of 2007, Susan and a friend attended the Signature Sale at the Champions
Center in Springfield, Ohio.  It was only intended to be a "girls night out" weekend.  
Susan wasn't  planning to buy anything and hadn't brought the truck & trailer.   
However, when this boy came through the sale, she knew she had to have him.  
Being familiar with the colt's sire and dam and all of the horses in the second
generation of his of pedigree and finding him to be such a cute weanling besides,
she just couldn't help herself.   With all of the park horses in this boy's background,
we expect great rides and drives from this guy in the future.
As a two-year-old in 2009, Buddy is doing wonderfully with his driving training!
Also as a two-year-old,
Buddy has matured into a
beautiful gelding.
No matter which direction he
is facing!

Inquires are invited on
Hopefoal The Freeze.